on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My husband is an engineer. I love him because of his static nature. And when I am attached on his blossom, I like his worm feelings. It has been two years long of married life after three years of long love affair. And frankly, I have felt my married life boring. You know what reason I used to love my husband before has been now as means of jealous.
I am a sensitive woman. I am more concerned of my feelings and my relationship. I am thirsty of romantic moment as if a child is tempted of sweet. But my husband has appositive of it, He has sensitiveness. And he has no any skill to bring romantic moment in our relationship. I am sad of that lacking. So that one day I decided to say my divorce to him. He asked why? “I am tired, boring; again there must not be any reason of each and every word” I replied.

Since than, he born one to another cigarette. He did not even speak any word overnight As though he is in deep thought. On the other hand I was lighter. I added that what I could aspect from a person who even can not express his thought frankly. After a long he spoke out. What can I do change your mind? Some one had said many years ago, “It is very difficult to change someone’s thought”. And I thought that I have degraded my belief toward him more. My eyes fought with his eyes and I slowly responded. I have a question if you could give its appropriate answer and I got satisfied I will change mind. Suppose there is a flower blossomed in the cliff. And most important thing is after plucking it your death is certain. Can you pluck that flower for me? “I will give its answer tomorrow” he said.
There went a great landslide in my hope after hearing his answer.

Tomorrow in the morning he had gone in the early morning before me worked up. There was a piece of paper on the table by the side of door nearby dying table. Saw, it was a note written in his inarticulate handwriting. There was written that my dear beloved! I can not pluck that flower from cliff neither wants to explain not to bring it. i know that it will make you sad.

There is mess of software and program when you use computer. And you begin to weep in front of monitor. At that time I must have saved my hand so that I could make computer and weep out tears. You always forget bunch of key at home, at that time I must make my feet ready so that I could run fast and reach before you get at home and open it. You like traveling but in new city you often forget road, I have to keep my eyes open that I could show you way. You often spend on computer starring at that you lose light of your eyes. But I have to keep my eyes saved that I cut off your nail and I could give helping hands while visiting riverbank in aged on delight of sunny day on sandy bank.
Therefore my beloved! Unless I am sure that you have some one else loves you more than I love I am not ready. If you got a person loves you more than I love you, I will happily pluck that flower.


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