on Sunday, May 3, 2009

Which country do you love most? Of course I do love Tibet, motherland, said a Tibetan lad. he is studying in Chennai in India, the southern part’ sometimes in holidays he would come in Nepal, but was born in Tibet. It was coincidence he was on leave staying with aunt in Nepal. We met who made me compelled to think where i belong.
His aunt does not even understand Nepali. She needs help to communicate or has to use universal language. Her special tea and innocent kindly behavior always offered me strength whenever I would be there that I learnt many things that I could not have recognized. She makes delicious foods. She has a tea shop. It is very special tea but different than that of Nepali tea we are familiar. I mostly saw Tibetan in the shop gathering and chatting with cheerful mood holding a cup of tea on the right hand. Few of them I noticed were Nepali speaker.
Just couple of days back with the purpose to accomplish two tasks at the same time appeared with my friend. We ordered two cup of tea and potato curry. My friend would seem a bit worried. I thought it is personal business. Again and again eyes on mobile would indicate time is coming nearer. Immediately, friend was requested to meet, so in haste run. My loneliness rested on next to me with some interrogation being alone after friend’s departure.
The aunt was busy in serving the customers. Sometimes her charming on face would turn into sad and pale mood but often happier. Her happiness had no any long quires that there might be other question marks. It is a kind of happiness that living in the land of Gautam Buddha without torture and disorder made them more united about Tibet and share Tibetan feeling in foreign land.
The reflection of gloominess blends when they are reminded of the Tibetan language and people. No matter how luxurious life it is, no matter how long distance it is, the truth for Tibet will never be hidden.

In new Nepal process to derail the peace, at present issue of justification of the chief of army has heightened the problem more uncertain, is not going in right track to resolve it. Actually problem itself isn’t a problem. Problem will be problem when the way of looking itself is problem. The present problem of the state is not the problem but the driver of the state, all political parties can not take consensus or do not want to solve it, and they think that such change would harm in long historical reputation on chain of command. In so called new Nepal do you really think that social, economic and cultural status quo will be transformed with the myopias of new cover of old faces?
Shame on us! For the goodness of sake folks are patiently waiting to be solved the problem and the world is laugh at us in the horizon!
And on the lap of Wwayambhu we are restless in quarrelling unarguable answers. We are looking for reasonable answer through others. The height of Swayambhu, the bottle neck Katmandu is half covered with mist and dust, is still being made of the creed of the recovering of the wound. The lad and all Tibetan are still hoping that the bliss of the lord Gautam Buddha would save the Tibet.

My friend is going to give exam and I know how the lad goes through right now while talking Tibet. But I do not want to hurt him more.
The best idea is to go up at Swayambhu height and fuel the energy of goodness and indulge until 9 o’clock.


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