new year with maire curie and piere

on Monday, April 13, 2009

i had a plan to go to bring new plants and start new year with planting, my plan remained as a plan. so i decided to celebrate my new year with madam curie and piere curie.

marie curie and pirer curie were wife and husband, who discovered radium,opened men's eyes to a new world. the benefits of radium in the realm of madicine are still incalculable, it is used against cancer both cure and to relieve pain. bacteria of such diseases as typhus, cholera, and anthrex can also be killed by radium.

madam curie was born in warsaw on november 7,in 1867. she had to face many ups and downs in her childhood days, family was suffered financially.her mother had died of tuberculosis and sister with typhus. After graduation she worked as part time tutor for years. she used to study various subjects during free.

finally she came to paris. in 1888, began some of the happiest years of her life. true, money was not plantiful. she both taught science and attained lectures at the sorbone, and worked in the laboratories there. it was that she met pierre curie,lecturer, and in 1895 they were married.

the marriage was ideally happy. there were their two little girls, irene and eve, whose claim always came first with them. friends who visited them in those days would find pierre sweeping the floor, and playing with his small daughters, while madame cooked the meal.

madam curie was not thirty-two when she discovered radium. the greatest part of her research in that direction had been done since her marriage three years previously, and in those three years she had borne and reared her first child.

in 1904, curie shared the nobel prize for physics. three years later , pierre curie was knocked down by a dray and killed when crossing a paris street. the shock was terrible. in 1911, won alone the nobel prize for chemistry.
during the world war she helped in the hospitals where the various froms of radium treatment were being carried out.

madame curie lived to see completion of the great work,she died on july 4,1934. her daughters and husbands carried out one step further, they recieved nobel prize for chemistry. no woman was ever sincerely mourned; no woman died more happily.

happy new year to all nepalese.

excerpt taken by "greatest scientists".


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