on Monday, March 2, 2009

Electricity is cut off. This is the blunder reality of kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.
My wrist watch shows green signal, it is sharp seven o’clock. To read book in front of candle in dim light I really enjoy it. Allegorically I have been habituated to live in dark, I cannot see when the light on. I am dazzled.
Most often our meeting would remain till eleven o’clock from eight o’clock. Sometimes, I am pleased while sleeping by putting head on book, but my dream at once disappears when candle wax drop off on my hand.
Next early morning I go to morning walk as well as to take class. It is like a proverb, old nepali saying “pasupati ko melama sidhra ko byapar”,Two in one at the same time. It takes around one hour to reach there. This is not my first time walking along the road. I have many times walked………….. I feel different experiences while walking; ten different experiences in ten miles.
First rays falls on when I will be walking at Bagmati Bridge, the boarder of lalitpur and kathmandu. Many pedestrians are seen like me heading towards their destination in the open sky.
Yesterday unlike other days, traffic polices were busy in checking license across the bridge at thapathali. Two motorcycles have been caught up. They were showing green rupees to traffic polices in stead of license. Traffic polices were walking to and fro I did not know why.

The very same day the new museum was opened for the first time narayanhiti palace museum, it was amazing that ten of hundreds people lined up to see it. They had long waited curiously for hours. Due to congest passageways few people were allowed to enter at one time.

It had been a kind of theatre where drama is performed and we were who did not get tickets or did not line up rather stayed on the pave and watched them as spectator. But it was not as drama where dramatic activities are done. After staying one and half hour I returned thorough kings way back to home. Once I had studied that all the experience will not be cherished. Experience is more painful.

I want to bring here to Hilary rodhan Clinton who has written living history based on her life experiences. She writes, “so many women in so many countries speak same language of silence”. In my comprehend Hilary would not have been strong hold women of the world if she would hot have seen the situation of women in so many countries. Also she has mentioned that she had well understood behavior of her grandmother how she had gone through in course of staying with her so that she always become backbone of bill Clinton and good mother. I was walking desperately not getting chance.

It is at about eight thirty in the evening; I am writing with the help of candle what happed today, the annual conference 2009 where I happened to become a participant. About thirty participants were there. And nine presenters presented their paper on various subject matters. Most of them were PhD holders and professors involving in universities.

All papers being presented were insightful. Among many papers ghanashyam bhandari’s paper was very interesting on “when history hurts …. Acting out the historical loss in mailer’s why we are in Vietnam. It was about war in Vietnam how America lost it. He beautifully and cleverly concluded with john McCain’s defeat on American presidential election who was veteran in Vietnam War. As an energetic young professor, he is really praiseworthy.

While I was getting back, three hours traffic jam made me pale. I have been suffering common cold for two days. I have to pinch my nose again and again otherwise snot……………


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