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In a nursery a gardener was bringing up different kinds of flower plants. Small plants too would seem happy to become flower. These flowers’ qualities had unlike other flowers’; in every year they could blossom within ten years. It had not been ascertained the time to blossom. Some flowers had features of blossoming at the same time with various seasonal conditions.

All plants had no similar characteristics. They deserved their own different characteristics. As the time is dynamic, kept changing, plants were growing up with gardener’s full supervision

kalki and soongwava were two plants among other plants. For they had well knownThey used to tease each other. Especially other plants used to tease kalki and soongwava. Kalki was more delicate and beautiful than other plants. Her heart had begun to palpate for him. Naturally some changes upon her could be noticed.

Spring season brings every thing changed. It brings changes even on soil composition. So gardener seemed to have engaged to shift those plants from a place to another place. Being a gardener he was concerned with business only. After having been transferred, the shapes of plants became bigger. Theses flowers at any time could be shifted to other places.

Kalki was grown up but not a flower yet. One day, gardener brought a new flower near about her. She was blindly attracted with him. No thing she disliked about her. She had devoted her love toward him but she never dared to tell her love to him.

In the garden all the plants, changed in different place, had already started to blossom.

Sometimes soongwabha would come in her mind as a beautiful nostalgia. Kalki had spent unforgettable days with him when they were small plants

Her heart crashed twice. She could not express again during the three years of staying in same row. Although they liked each other, they never went nearer.

For kalki flower, two flowers that she loved had already been as a memory in her mind. Both of them when she would see in the garden time and again, there would be strange feelings for her even today.

With the new entrance of spring season, the leaves of flowers had begun to fall off.

Soon, those flower were seen ready to turn into another mode of life.


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