Twenty seven wives: can you imagine it?

on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Resident of shankhuwasabha, ram Chandra katuwal 52 had twenty seven wives all together,“NAYA PATRIKA” mar11, rajdhan rai.He is a porter. He had met all of them on the way carrying goods. But none of them are remained with him anymore. “Some wives did not even stay more than one month” he reluctantly explains. Twenty four eloped with other, he left one and one passed away who was more sincere, he explains. According to ram Chandra katuwal, except some wives, he does not remember their name as well. He is living with youngest one (kanchi).

It was a kind of business for him when he was left by sevenths wives. Interestingly, some people had brought him even their wives. He used to take them however come to him.


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