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‘Soul is like Eternal Mountain static ever’; ‘Body is beautiful like blossom, spread out its beauty for a moment and withers it, soul’s pleasure is ended up.’ Thus the achievement of eternal pleasure is the goal of life. Can a man run after momentarily pleasure having left eternal pleasure?

‘Pleasure that remains forever is extreme hardship that can not be escaped from; Glimpse of chance is greatest happiness that gives momentarily pleasure that is vanished for a while.’ ‘So soul is never ending sun and body is ever flickering light in dark’.
Above abstract is derived from B. P Koirala’s Sumnima story spoken by character SumnimaSomadatt. I have heard many times and many places about the Sumnima that the situation is seen to have taken new mode in Nepali literature. But I never got a coincidence though I wanted to read it. In accordance with my pre- plan happened to become, Dashain is just over, spent reading Sumnima, My fellows and relatives were however requesting to play card, I remained rigid to accomplish it. Yes, I did it today. Say honestly, it was quite interesting to read Sumnima. I read it twice, thrice; reading Sumnima is calmer and pleasure in tranquility than gathering and have fun with friends. Since it is dashain time, commencing in reading was quite difficult, some problems had to face in midst; It was like traveling in Kathmandu valley where traffic jam is found all around. Precious time! No wonder but blunder it happened, so so. Time is out of my control, each and every second hammering on it without considering to my life span, it was started murmuring- diehard.
This story is centered on arena of indigenous peoples, kiratis. Sumnima is the protagonist of the story, daughter of kirati who is flowing as natural and pure as Koski River, the present territory is that of dharan. She is, as delicate as bud, whispering with nature meets named Somadatt,son of barman, who was migrated with family on Koshi river bank. The story begins like this.
I was charming myself. My heart was saying to finish it as soon as possible without any delay. I kept on reading until I finished it in around three hours. Right after having finished it, nothing was concluded, I got in dilemma. It dazzled me for a while. Beheld! And, remembered the constitution of Nepali society, creed, thoughts and contemporary situation, Remembered historical chapters of B.P Koirala, and his doctrine, remembered kirat region, society, belief and me. I wanted to get back towards Sumnima and Somdatt again. Sumnima says, “I’m kirati daughter”. Somadatt says, “I’ m Somadatt son of bhramin sruyadatt. He further adds that he is civilized new generation of bhramin elite group. “You are uncivilized, savaged kirat”, he roared up. It made me more curious to go on.
No any single day between them would be without debates. Sumnima complains that the word “MATA”, repeatedly said by Somdatt instead of “AAMA” during the conversation period, has deliberately made shadow the lovely word “AAMA”. ‘It was godly language”, Somadatt insisted. In his expression a kind of elite ill- mentality is found on one hand, Sumnima, on the other hand, wearing no clothes has been presented savage, illiterate but innocent as beautiful as nature, an indigenous woman.
By making a strong pillar in Nepali literary platform, B. P Koirala has come up with Sumnimasumnima is red signature in Nepali literature and green pasture in Nepali society.
Sumnima unknowingly magnetized me towards her, or say, I had deep compassion upon her and used to think whether she is in this world. No words I had to express; she used to compel me to halt, no question how and why, Perhaps, I was making a castle in the air.
No characters are seen to have been done injustice by author, to some extent, Sumnima is seen to have victimized words expressed by somdatt. But in reality Sumnima can be seen just opposite of it after all. Somadatt himself wants to be known as a religious and enlightened of which existence is emotionally attached to. Sumnima even accepts on it. She believes in natural phenomena in that sense that beyond the nature an effort to seize the blow of air is to destroy oneself.
All of a sudden sound echoed on my ear. Hey Nabin, ‘where are you’? It Startled. I came out unwillingly after a while where I saw unexpected scene. There were four cosmetic but Beautiful sisters standing, the 21st century Sumnimas- skirts groups. I was starring at them. One of them blasted off ‘why you are looking at’? You bloody fool! They broke out devilish laughing but I like it. “Are you busy brother? One youngest sister said”. I said that I was reading ‘Sumnima’. Which Sumnima? One said, immediately another began, oh!That one, Long hair, white but ugly. I thought this the era of 21st century Sumnimas,
After having been left I could not resume it, the climax of story remained incomplete and Sumnima remained untold. in our society. An essential aspect is supposed to be how social structure and development has moved forward is
and beautifully illustrated by connecting with historical sequences. For B.P Koirala


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