Chess and thought

on Monday, November 23, 2009

Chess and thought

Chess is a game of mind. This is different game than that of other games. To play it no age bar, no male and female, no physically strong and weak, anyone can play for entertainment. Couple of days ago, after two years of long time with the view to indulge with some of the friends played the chess. What i realized at that time was I just know the rules. No more than that. Meanwhile, I also felt that ‘the more we practice the more we stick to the right direction’.

We, Gajendra lohorung, Anish lohorung, Nirvik lohorung, were gathered specially to play chess, to be frank. Interestingly, while playing no one won all players continuously, all of us remained winner as well as loser. I mean one winner defeated another winner. Again another winner was defeated by one loser. During the time, good sense of humor would blast up; to some extent it remained fruitful as well

Mostly, Gajendra played defensive less attacking, likewise Anish was good attacking but less defensive and Nirvik was good defensive. Their game was quite interesting. Game between Gajendra and Anish, since their method of mobilizing was different, there was always remained space but both of them had good encounter.

I have played chess innumerable but still I have less knowledge about it. Although I have been playing chess for childhood days, the graduated scale was during my bachelor college. There were organized different games in college. The System was that any student could participate for the game. With some friends, we decided to take part three different games and one volunteer. Chess, football and volleyball were three games.

For chess, there were 36 participants including me. I had never played chess formally organized before. I had to defeat six participants. When I arrived for the second position, it was one of the tough games for me because he was the participant of lalitpur championship. It was early morning our game start. I was quite in tensed. I kept thinking how to play how to trap him. We played two sets of which both I kept in my domination.

Finally he agreed. ‘You played well, both sets you played differently, first set quite defensive and last one defensive as well as attacking, he said’. That was the first time I had realized how i played. During the game, he did sacrifice many times in order to keep me in trap, it was his best techniques.
Gajendra, Nirvik,Anish and Nabin were not played less interesting, but I accept that we could not heat the iron when it was red.

Lastly, I suggest everyone to play chess. It is interesting game not only that, it also identifies your thoughts and ideas. Your decision, endurance and calculations must have at right time. This process can also be applied in your life.



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