on Monday, June 8, 2009

Development process in technology, economy has mainly dynamited people in the world and will be continuing even more ratio in the future that culture of the certain community will face its direct impact. Diaspora has now become global phenomenon in the sense that everywhere in the world a man can access in order to search the space if he is capable. But the culture would shift one to another and existence of it makes liberal space.
Diaspora was started with religious perspective in 541BC onward. In the beginning the Diaspora was a kind of process in course of resettling of exile people. Now Diaspora is rampantly increasing not in religion but in the name of technology, education and economy.

Basically new inventions after revolution in industry and economy made people boundless to enter all over the world in search of market. It is no doubt that the exploration of many inhabited places began new way of expedition that helped people to shift from one to another place for better environment to live. From the view point of economy the Diaspora seems to have been acute in history and even at present.

In front of dynamic global economy now the country is not untouched. Since the split of the world into parts with the economical prosperity, people of the country began to shift towards developed countries. Economy and education are two factors that scenario of Diaspora can be scanned easily of which in search of better opportunity people are shifting.
Diaspora is not to great extent in favor of nation. In individual level, to some extent it seems to have brought changes with the changes of living style. But the impact it has given back to the nation is not in the favor of all the people of the state whose identity is determined by the individual who is struggling there.

Nepali Diaspora is everywhere in the world, their identity is recognized by the labor as such Nepali workers are working in many countries on various field. They are low paid wager. And their level of social status to that place is as low paid workers. Whereas an Indian whose sale in the market is higher than a Nepali and likewise the sale market of the rest of the countries have higher rate of an Indian. According to wage they are paid have been categorized in the market and the status of a country is recognized on that basis


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